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Our therapeutic, rejuvenating facials relax, refresh, and renew your skin by blending scientific and holistic methods. We truly HEAL your skin from the inside and out! HEAL Facials provide lasting relief from:
  • Acne
  • Rosacea
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Pregnancy Mask Pigmentation
  • Dark spots
  • Hormonal breakouts
  • Under-Eye Circles
  • Puffiness
  • Impurities
  • Premature aging
  • Much more!

Benefits of Facial Treatments

You may merely enjoy the pampering and relaxation you feel when receiving a facial treatment, but there are a multitude of other benefits that offer you and your skin health and wellness. Choosing the type of facial you want depends on what you're looking for. Some facial treatments are designed to deep-clean the skin, while others offer moisturizing and anti-aging benefits, and still others help to relieve stress, or correct skin imperfections.


Facials help deep cleanse the skin, removing toxins caused by pollution, grease and dirt found in your everyday environment. Cleansing facials open the pores of the skin, remove dead skin and toxins from the face, and clean the surface of the skin through exfoliation, extractions and antibacterial oxygenating treatments.

Increased Circulation

Facial treatments help to improve and restore circulation to facial skin layers, increasing the flow of oxygen-enriched blood to skin cells. This rush of blood to the skin gives your skin a healthy glow and plumps skin cells with vital nutrients and water, which reduce the appearance of wrinkled and dry skin. Nutrients like blood, vitamins and minerals found in the blood, along with adequate hydration, help develop and maintain new skin cells, essential for a youthful, healthy appearance.

Emotional Benefits

Facial treatments feel good, offer soothing relaxation and stress relief. Facial massage treatments relieve stress as well as encourage peace of mind and contentment through healing touch, aromatherapy, and facial, décolleté, shoulders, and hands massage.


While there is no way to stop the aging process, a variety of facial treatments and technologies may help slow the skin-aging process and offer you more youthful, supple skin. Peels, ultrasonic, and LED light treatments help to remove dead skin and increase productions of collagen, cell growth and development, which is essential for plump and healthy skin cells.


*FREE Initial 10-minute Evaluation/Consultation is included for all new clients Therapeutic Facial Treatments
  • Honey Enzyme Facial (60 Minutes) $110
This luxurious, exfoliating, hydrating facial enhances skin with gentle massage and soothing hydration.  Effective for all skin types, leaves skin as smooth and soft as it’s ever been.
  • Exfoliating Clear Skin Facial (60 Minutes) $110
An advanced treatment application designed for gentle exfoliation with soothing and healing benefits for oily, congested, acne prone or otherwise problematic skin.
  • Foaming Enzyme Treatment (60 Minutes) $110
This effervescent treatment features active foaming agents for light and effective exfoliation for all skin types, leaving the skin clear and glowing for days.
  • Harmony Cancer Care Facial (60 Minutes) $110
This soothing and revitalizing facial is designed to awaken the senses and restore balance to the skin as it renews tone, clarity and resilience. Brings healthy glow to fatigued skin. *Cancer Care approved Advanced Corrective and Clinical Facials
  • FIRE & ICE Facial (60 Minutes) $150
A clinically active treatment system designed to rapidly and safely resurface the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing, softening and encouraging cellular renewal. Targeted problem solving through regenerative support with select herbs, enzymes, minerals and vitamins.
  • Light – gentle treatment for visibly fresher & radiant skin (60 minutes) $175
  • Medium – vitality and regeneration kick for your skin (60 minutes) $225
  • Deep – for a new skin in five days (2 x 60 minutes appointments) $395
Advanced skin resurfacing treatment with serum infusion. Non-invasive, no downtime, all skin tones.
  • One-time treatment (30 minutes) $225
  • Package of 6 treatments $1,125
  • LED Light Therapy (20 minutes) $20
Full Face LED light panel with an option of Acne or Anti-Aging treatment.
  • Eye Rescue Treatment (15 minutes) $25
Advanced Dermal Infusion treatment with precision-timed serum delivery for the eyes, followed by ‘Eye Rejuvenator’ treatment with microcurrent technology.  Helps minimize the appearance of fine lines, under-eye puffiness and sagging around the eye area.
  • Youthful Lip Treatment (10 minutes) $15
Advanced Dermal Infusion treatment with precision-timed serum delivery for the lips, followed by organic lip balm application for hydrated, soft, plump lips.
  • Healing Hands Treatment (10 minutes) $20
Warm and soothing ‘Eco-Fin Hands’ treatment with massage offers all of the moisturizing benefits of paraffin in an environmentally friendly and deeply healing product. 100% natural Shea butter and essential oils. Choice of ‘Happy’ (raspberry/grapefruit blend) or ‘Escape’ (peppermint essence) fragrances. Skincare Products The products used during facial treatments are formulated with Pharmaceutical Grade Botanicals of the highest quality available. Pharmaceutical Grading is recognized as the highest level of purity and potency for the botanicals, which can and must be substantiated in order to use in medicines, as recognized around the world. The grade of botanical extracts used in the Innovative Skincare product is the same that is used in medicines around the world. Many describe this grade of botanicals as the best, most pure and effective grade of natural ingredients in the world. This quality of ingredients and the advanced technology of formulation is one reason these products have been used with great benefits by patients undergoing active cancer treatment for over a decade. Tinting and Hair Removal Services
  • Lash Tint (10 minutes) $30
  • Brow Tint (10 minutes) $25
  • Facial Wax (brows, lip, chin, ears, nose) $20 each area
If you’re not sure which treatment makes the most sense for you – not to worry! We offer free, private evaluations with no further obligation.

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